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First of all i would like to thank you, especially to Paul, for the knowledge which i took from you theoretically and practically. The thing I liked most was that all days of the course were so full in their content throughout.
Lessons were much more enriched in practical and theoretical knowledge than I expected it to be. The infusion and pre-preg carbon fibre was the same as the process in the video but it was awesome to learn outright by hands-on parts. I left excited and with many solutions.
I have received your email about the list of fellow delegates(email adresses) and i appreciate the fact that you pay attention to something that we requested and this counts a lot! Now we have the opportunity to be in contact and may be together again with your new release courses. Thanks a lot guys. 18/09/2013 to 20/09/2013 - Three Day Complete Composites Course

Marios Mavroudis


Fernando Coelho


I made the three-day course, and I must say it exceeded my expectations, both in method and interconnection of the three days, as the quantity and quality of information provided.
The terms offered were faultless. The facilities are very well equipped and the raw materials are available without any reservations, as well as the friendliness of trainers is the best I found.
For those who want to get fast theoretical and practical knowledge in this area is a mandatory training, revealing itself as an excellent investment. 18/09/2013 to 20/09/2013 - Three Day Complete Composites Course

- Easy Composites is like google, for composites.
- The people at Easy Composites are very skilled and make sure that everybody can understand the tricky bits of composites. The knowledge gathered under that roof is stunning! 18/09/2013 to 20/09/2013 - Three Day Complete Composites Course

Martin Karlsson


Pascal Dunning

United Kingdom

I found the resin infusion course most informative and it was great to learn by hands-on application. Having watched the videos I thought I knew the basics but I learnt a tremendous amount. I now feel more confident to use the resin infusion method to create high performance parts. 15/02/2013 - Resin Infusion for High Performance Carbon Fibre

The course was Amazing! I got all that I wanted and more. I could not advise you do any thing better and would recommend it to any one! I intend to book on to more courses at some point. Thanks a lot, I had a great time. 15/02/2013 - Resin Infusion for High Performance Carbon Fibre


George Heyworth-Hill

United Kingdom

Jereon van den Hout, Netherlands

De cursus infusin techniek heeft me meer opgeleverd dan ik op hoopte. De combinatie van praktijk en theorie maakte de training zeer leerzaam. Daarnaast heeft Paul, de trainer, alle tijd om persoonlijke vragen te beantwoorden. Dit alles in een prima accomodatie en perfecte verzorging. Deze training is zeer aan te bevelen voor iedereen die met carbon aan de slag wilt gaan!

In English; The infusion course has brought me even more than I hoped. The combination of technique and theory made the training very instructive. In addition, Paul, the trainer took all the time for personal questions. All this in an excellent accommodation and good care. Highly recommended for anyone that wants to get started with carbon. 15/02/2013 - Resin Infusion for High Performance Carbon Fibre

[The course] was fantastic. Technically speaking, it was very instructive indeed. It is complementary to the video tutorials I've seen many times, because when you practise, you see all the small traps you'd fall into otherwise, The overall resin infusion process is simple to understand, but I think it's all in the details! For instance, how to let the resin flow under PVC foam by tracing small channels and drilling tiny holes to turn the foam into a breathing-like cloth. Or, how to place plies so the part does not bend when curing (symmetry rule)...

I think it was a good idea to propose different sorts of moulds to work on, letting us see different laminating strategies (PVC vs Soric etc.). 4 tools with no more than 3 persons per tool seem an efficient distribution.

I've also appreciated the very valuable moment after the course where we could exchange with Paul about more personal projects and ask questions which are not in the course scope.

Truth is, I'm already impatient to attend to another course, like, about molding, or, "doing prepreg at home with hand-made oven" ;) 15/02/2013 - Resin Infusion for High Performance Carbon Fibre


Jean-Sébastien Gerard

Art of Composites, France

Dave White

Tiffin School, United Kingdom

I really enjoyed the course. Having been worried that I would be out of my depth,but Paul did a really good job of bringing together all the different skills that the class had!
It was easy to understand and made relevant to my aims, I'll look forward to more courses and learning new skills 15/02/2013 - Resin Infusion for High Performance Carbon Fibre