Biotex黄麻纤维2/2斜纹布550g 1.3m宽幅-样品

价格 ¥6.00


Important: This listing is for a small (approximately 6cm x 9cm) sample of this fabric. The idea of the sample is to allow you to see and feel the fabric before you purchase or in order to compare the appearance of a range of fabrics. Click here to purchase this fabric by the linear metre.

Biotex Jute Fibre Plain Weave 290g 1.35m Wide

Units of Sale

This roll of reinforcement is 1.3m (51") wide and the fabric is sold by the linear metre. The unit price shown is for 1 linear metre but volume discounts automatically apply for larger quantities of fabric.
Please purchase the number of linear metres you require. When purchasing multiple metres the fabric will be supplied in one continuous length on a roll.

Product Description

Biotex Jute woven fabrics are reinforcement textiles based on natural jute fibre and designed for fibre-reinforced polymer composite applications. Jute offers the benefits of premium natural fibres such as flax – including a favourable stiffness-to-weight ratio – but at a price that rivals glass fibre. The fabrics can be processed in a similar way to glass or carbon fibre and are suitable for use with a wide variety of resins such as epoxy, vinylester and polyester resin, including more sustainable or environmentally friendly synthetic and bio-based systems.

Jute fibre reinforcement is ideally suited to laminating by vacuum resin infusion where the vacuum consolation results in a high fibre to resin ratio and the resin infusion process produces void free laminates with an excellent visual appearance. Jute can also be laminated using a range of other processes including wet lay-up, resin transfer moulding (RTM), press moulding (matched tool), and prepregging.

About Biotex Fibres

Biotex natural reinforcements provide the high performance and easy processing normally associated with glass fibre composites but with lower weight and environmental impact. They are suitable for semi-structural and decorative applications in sectors such as automotive, construction, marine, sports and consumer goods.

Composites Evolution, suppliers of Biotex, have exclusively partnered with Easy Composites to make Biotex reinfocements instantly available worldwide. Large commercial enquiries can be directed to Composites Evolution.

Composites with a Natural Appearance

As well as its good structural performance and environmental credentials, laminates made using this 550g 2/2 twill weave woven jute reinforcement can be manufactured without gelcoat or paint for a unique natural appearance, perfectly in keeping with modern environmentally conscious homes and workspaces. The 2/2 twill weave is reminiscent of typical carbon fibre reinforcement but with a distinctly natural appearance.

Woven jute can also be used to add an attractive natural appearance to sporting equipment like skis, snowboards and kiteboards, composite furniture items like tables and chairs and even architectural features.


Fabric Specifications
Weave Style
Warp YarnJute 250tex
Weft YarnJute 250tex
Warp Count6 ends/cm
Weft Count6 ends/cm
Tolerance on Weight+/-5%
Tolerance on Width+/-2%

Fibre Properties

Typical average properties for jute fibres

Jute Fibre Properties*
Tensile Modulus40GPa
Tensile Strength400MPa

*jute fibre is a natural product and a certain amount of variation should be expected.
**Jute fibre has a non-circular cross-section.


Biotex Jute should be stored in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Jute fibre can absorb moisture from the atmosphere so drying may be required before use, especially if exposed to excessive humidity.


Jute fibre is a naturally occurring, non-hazardous material, but typical precautions should be taken when handling the material including using appropriate PPE and adequate ventilation. See MSDS for details.

Packaging & Transport Information

As a very low-cost fibre reinforcement, orders for small quantities of Jute fibre, i.e. less than 5m, will be supplied folded and poly-bagged. Orders for 5m or more will be supplied rolled around a tube, bubble-wrapped and boxed in the same way that we would package carbon fibre or other higher value reinforcements.

If you will be using the Jute for decorative applications where any folds or creases would be a problem then we would suggest purchasing 5m or more to ensure that the fabric is shipped on a roll and not folded.

Worldwide Shipping

Jute fibre is not classified as dangerous for carriage and so can be shipped to all destinations, worldwide.


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